ANSI 150 Cast Steel Basket Strainer Flange end


Standard: API598, EN12266-1, ANSIB16.34

Size: DN25~DN1000mm (1″-40″)

Pressure: PN10-25, CLASS150-300

Suitable Mediums: water, oil, gas, steam

Body material: Carbon Steel A216 WCB/A105, Stainless steel

Type: basket.

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“ANSI 150 Cast Steel Basket Strainer Flange end” is a common pipe filter.

Introduce: This filter is manufactured to ANSI 150 cast steel standards and usually has flanged connections for easy installation in piping systems. It filters media through a basket-shaped filter, effectively capturing solid impurities and protecting equipment in the pipeline system.


High-efficiency filtration: The design of the basket-shaped filter can efficiently filter out impurities in the pipeline medium and protect valves, pumps and other equipment in the pipeline system.
Corrosion resistance: Made of cast steel or stainless steel, it has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for filtration of a variety of media.
Easy to install: It has a flange interface, easy to install and disassemble, and easy to maintain and clean.


Product Overview

Durable material: Made of cast steel, optional stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance.
Basket filter: Basket-shaped design has a large filtering area and can capture more solid impurities.
Flange interface: It has flange connection for easy installation and maintenance.


Technical Requirement

Usage: This kind of filter is usually used in pipeline systems in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, papermaking, food processing and other industries to filter solid particles and impurities in various media to protect equipment in the pipeline system and ensure the purity of media circulation.


Body SS316 SS304 WCB LCB
Screen SS316 SS304
Bonnet SS316 SS304 WCB LCB
Bolt SS316 SS304
Nut SS316 SS304
Gasket Graphite+SS304
Plug SS316 SS304

Product wireframe

Basket strainers are generally used with liquids and where regular or frequent cleaning is needed. Basket strainers hold considerably more material than Y strainers and they offer a lower pressure drop. A basket strainer is installed upright and the basket is lifted out from the top. This makes it easier to use with gummy or sticky fluids or with large pipeline sizes where the filled basket weight can be considerable. However, unlike a Y strainer, it also means that a basket strainer has to be installed in a horizontal line. A simplex basket strainer is used where the line can be shut down for short periods to clean or change the basket. It becomes an integral part of the pipeline and all flow passes through it.

Dimensions Data

DN φ L H1 H2 H3 B m^2 Multriple kg
25 89 220 160 260 360 0.003619 6.0 15.7/13.8
32 89 220 165 270 370 0.003619 4.5 19.2/16.5
40 114 280 180 300 400 R 1/2″ 0.005718 4.5 23.6/19
50 114 280 180 300 400 0.005718 3.0 28.9/23
65 140 330 220 350 460 0.009613 3.0 48.4/39
80 168 340 260 400 510 0.01539 3.0 65.3/53
100 219 420 310 470 580 0.02464 3.0 89.3/76
150 273 500 430 620 730 0.04866 3.0 148/126
200 325 560 530 780 900 R 3/4″ 0.07858 2.5 185/158
250 426 660 640 930 1050 0.12005 2.5 230/195
300 478 750 840 1200 1350 0.16537 2.3 307/260

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