PN40 SS316 Disco Check Valve




Standard:EN12334/BS5153/MSS SP-71/AWWA C508

Pressure:CLASS 125-300/PN10-40/200-300PSI



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PN40 SS316 is a thin single piece check valve made of stainless steel material with a rated pressure of PN40. This valve is mainly used in liquid pipeline systems to prevent fluid backflow and is suitable for pipeline systems in industries such as chemical, petroleum, and pharmaceuticals.


Product Overview

Corrosion resistance and high-pressure use.
It has a simple structure, reliable operation, and is also very convenient for maintenance
The disc of a lift check valve is usually in the shape of a disc, which usually rotates around the center of the valve seat. Because it moves vertically along the centerline of the valve body during operation, it forms a streamline in the internal channels of the valve, resulting in very low flow resistance.


Technical Requirement

· Working pressure: 4.0MPa
· Working temperature: -100℃~400℃
· Face to face: DIN3202 K4
· Flange standard: EN1092-2
· Testing: DIN3230, API598
· Medium: Fresh water, sea water, food, all kinds of oil, acid, alkaline etc.


DISC SS316/SS304
BODY SS316/SS304/Brass
Bolts SS316
Spring cover SS316
Spring SS316

Product wireframe

Dimensions Data

DN (mm) 15 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100
ΦD (mm) 53 63 73 84 94 107 126 144 164
ΦE (mm) 15 20 25 30 38 47 62 77 95
L (mm) 16 19 22 28 31.5 40 46 50 60

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